Accepted papers

Analysis of a New Improved AES S-box StructureRong CHENG
Romeo: SGX-based Software Anti-Piracy FrameworkYanning Du
BSSD:A Blockchain-based Trusted Storage Mechanism for Business Data to Support Sustainable DevelopmentRuyan Liu
User Authentication Using Body Vibration CharacteristicsYuxuan Zhang
Anonymous and Practical Multi-Factor Authentication for Mobile Devices Using Two-Server ArchitectureHaiyan Cao
An Improved Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol for IoT and Cloud ServerYongliu Ma
A Scheme of Anti Gradient Leakage of Federated Learning Based on BlockchainYuanzhen Liu
Efficient two-party authentication key agreement protocol using reconciliation mechanism from latticewang jinhua
Network Situation Awareness Model based on Incomplete Information Game尹 彦
Social Internet of Tings trust management based on implicit social relationshipFan Fan
Cross-chain Data Auditing for Medical IoT Data SharingKuan Fan
Outsourced Privacy-Preserving SVM Classifier Model over Encrypted Data in IoTChen Wang
P-TECS Opportunistic Routing Algorithm Integrating Multiple Node AttributesGang Xu